Measured Entropy

rulers, wire, fishing line and everything else that fell to hand, 17'x8'x3'

November 2017

Measured Entropy Main.jpg

This installation was made as part of the City of Auburn's Art on Main program. Simply, Measured Entropy is a highly organized system gliding into disarray and the delightful attributes intrinsic to both states. Two hundred and fifty yardsticks dyed a hyper middle-school yellow were the starting point — what could be more orderly than a ruler? — and from there, visual chaos ensued. As this was a piece to be viewed during the long dark of a PNW late fall, light became an important feature. It caused mayhem, scattering elements that came near it, it tumbled high, and quietly scintillated in the upper reaches, courtesy of optical fiber. 

Measured Entropy has completed its run in Auburn, but is part of the 2018-2019 roster of Storefronts, and will be making an appearance in Amazon's campus on South Lake Union, Seattle. Dates pending. 

Additional Photos: