Secret Drumlin

wire fencing, wire, glass beads, 5'x4'x2.5'

July 2017

Secret Drumlin main.jpg

Secret Drumlin was part of Heaven and Earth 9: Cultivate, an annual temporary sculpture exhibit in Seattle's Carkeek Park. It was a tessellated mound, constructed from galvanized rolled mesh, and colonized by small "plants" resembling ur-leaves. (So named because, whether it's spinach or strawberries coming up in the garden, the first set of leaves to break ground share the same form.) The structure was designed to be light and transparent, to purposely contrast its environment, and yet be harmonious with it. Secret Drumlin lurked among the trees—a piece to be discovered—clearly not indigenous to its native habitat, and yet embodying Terry Pratchett’s famous phrase: “all things strive.” 

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